Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Declare and Defend: Quick Reference Handout

The following outline comes from the Declare and Defend seminar series at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Huntington Beach led by Pastor Mark Jasa of University Lutheran Chapel UCLA and Seminarian Mark Pierson. This is the first in a series of handouts from or inspired by this seminar on evangelism and apologetics that will be re-posted here for those who are interested. If you enjoy these resources, let me know. Thanks for reading and for contending for the faith (Jude 3). For audio of this phenomenal series please visit http://www.redeemer-lutheran.net/Media/AllMedia.aspx
  • There are only 2 religions in the whole world.
    • Free, and Not Free.
    • Only Jesus claims to be your Savior, already having done everything necessary to secure your salvation.
    • Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, Moses, Joseph Smith, etc. don't even make the claim.
    • All other religions are transactional, with the burden being on you to earn, achieve, ascend, etc.
  • Everyone is dealing with one of two issues:
      • What do I NEED? (Existential)
        • Death and guilt are universal problems.
        • No one is able rescue oneself from them.
      • What is TRUE? (Intellectual)
        • Are these reports about what Jesus did and said reliable accounts of history?
        • Method must precede the conclusion.
  • If Jesus rose from the dead, what would that mean?
    • He is God in human flesh; He paid for the sins of the world; He has the power to rescue ME from death, which He promised to do.
      • Reverse the question: If Jesus did not rise from the dead, what would that mean?
        • Christianity is falsifiable, because it's based on facts.
    • Everyone needs to hear either God's word of Law or Gospel.
      • Are they secure in their sins? Do they fear death or judgment?
      • Are they convicted, and looking for a solution?
  • Remember, always steer the conversation (back) towards Christ's death and resurrection so that the Gospel is proclaimed even in the face of objections or obstacles.


  1. Great resource Pastor S!! Thanks for posting this, and thanks to your church for hosting/teaching these great seminars.

  2. wrmyers,

    Thanks for your support! Glad to be of service in this endeavor. And thanks for reading!