Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Bible On Trial

Skeptics love to play the conspiracy card when it comes to the Scriptures, especially the New Testament and the Gospels in particular. The classic straw-man sounds something like a sordid game of telephone drawn up by a master-mind group of power-hungry, money-grabbing, fame-seeking egotists. Finding alleged contradictions and discrepancies in the manuscripts of the NT has been the proverbially dead horse, beaten since the Enlightenment down to today's regurgitated methodologies of the same era found in NT studies professors like Bart Ehrman. And while his latest book, Forged deserves to be read and rebutted with actual, academic and rigorous scholarship, that will have to be another blog post for another day. The videos below, placed onto YouTube from the Lutheran Men's Network, are a fantastic course corrective to so much of the prevailing winds that guides and shapes worldly wisdom these days. Craig Parton, Esq. - a brilliant lawyer and apologist in his own right- brings his experience, knowledge and insight to bear on the series, The Bible On Trial. Because the videos speak for themselves, I will let them. Redeemer Lutheran, Huntington Beach - where I serve as pastor -will be going through these in the next 6 weeks and as a result, I am confident that there will be more fruitful discussion and writing on E-nklings on the veracity, historical accuracy, and trustworthiness of the Scriptures as we continue to make a ready defense of the Great Eucatastrophe to those who ask us about the hope that is within us. So, for now, enjoy the videos.

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