Saturday, September 8, 2012

Redeemer's Higher Things Video

Every year at Redeemer, following our trip to Higher Things, I put together a little video documenting some of the week of daring to be Lutheran. The youth loves seeing the video and remembering the services, teaching and the fun they experienced. The congregation gains a deeper appreciation of our youth as they learn and live as Lutherans. And I always enjoy putting together the video. I hope to post the videos from out past trips to Utah and Las Vegas at some point on our church's YouTube channel. Here it is in link format on YouTube and embedded below. Granted this is a bit later than I usually operate. But I take comfort in Gandalf's words, "A wizard is never late; he arrives precisely when he means to." So, without further adieu...

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  1. Thunbs Up Pastor Schuldheisz!!!!!!! Love, Mom