Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Issues Etc. Interview on the Lord's Supper

Last week I had the joy and priviledge of being a guest on Issues Etc. again. This particular time was in conjunction with other brother pastors on the topic of the Lord's Supper, all leading up to our local Southern California Catechism Convocation for the People. (I keep thinking we need an easier name to say; but this one's sticking). For more information on that front, visit for all the latest. Prior to the convocation - this year on April 13th - we host a Lenten pulpit exchange. It's fantastic to get to meet the fellow saints at surrounding area Lutheran churches, join in the bonds of Christian fellowship for an evening meal and Vespers service, and our congregations get to hear the the same solid food from our fellow brothers in the ministry (I love the German, amtbruder).  And the bonus is that most of only have to preach one sermon!

In addition to all this, we had asked Issues Etc. if they would be willing to feature some of the pastors who are involved in the Lenten rotation and convocation as guests on their radio show. Thankfully, they said yes. Since my topic for the sermon was on the benefits of the Lord's Supper, following Luther's questions in the Small Catechism, I was also interviewed about this on Issues.  Here's the original sermon, previously posted.  And follow this link to listen or download the interview itself.

Enjoy! And if you're in the Orange County / Greater LA area on April 13th, join us at The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Inglewood, CA from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Matins starts at 9, Pastor Matthew Harrison and Pastor Daniel Harmelink are presenting on the Lord's Supper, we're featuring an all new presentation for youth hosted by Pastor Al Espinosa and I, there's lunch provided, and a closing Divine Service. And it's all free, just like the Gospel and Christ's gifts of forgiveness in the Lord's Supper. That's what the catechism convocation is all about: food for body and food for soul.

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