Saturday, November 10, 2012

Higher Things Radio Interview: Solus Christus

It's been about two weeks since my most recent Higher Things Radio interview. But here's the link to the latest one. As always, I take comfort in Gandalf's advice to busy pastors: "a wizard is never late; he arrives precisely when he means to."  As usual, I had a grand time daring to be Lutheran (and having a blast while doing it) with Jon Kohlmeier and a rather sickly Pastor George Borghardt; although he survived thanks to Robitussin, Diet Coke and the Great Physician of body and soul. The topic: Solus Christus. This is one of the four or five solas, depending on how you count them. Reminds me of another great Lutheran Latin phrase: crux sola est nostra theologia.

Enjoy the HT Radio goodness...and, stay Lutheran, my friends.

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