Friday, November 30, 2012

Issues Etc. Interview: Mayan Mayhem

Madness. Mayhem. These are not only words to describe the Mayan Calendar debacle, but they also describe the scene going on around me whilst on my most recent Issues Etc. interview. It's always a joy and an honor to be a guest on Issues. And this interview was based off of a recent article I had posted both on my blog and on Brothers of John the Steadfast this past week: Mayan Madness.

And now back to the madness. Fridays are my day off with Zoe...daddy daughter days. And they are generally as fun and crazy as you would imagine. Toys scattered everywhere. Cartoons watched. Rabbits fed and harassed. We laugh. We cry. We nap (well, she does and I clean up). We run outside in the rain without our socks on. We watch Bubble Guppies. Joy is not only the serious business of heaven, but every minute of life in Zoe's world. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. Today we embarked on a new endeavor: Radio Interview before nap time! And on a cell-phone at that! So, despite the mad, mad, mad, mad world going on me I am glad, glad, glad, glad it was.

By the grace of God, the interview went well too and as always it was a joy to have Issues today.

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