Saturday, December 1, 2012

Goodnight Advent

The Redeemer Lutheran LWML hosted their annual Advent by Candlelight this past Thursday. It is always a joy to be asked to give their evening Advent devotion after the ladies have dined on the finest of teas, coffees and desserts. Last year I did an Advent twist on a secular Christmas classic: Twas the Very First Advent. This year, since the advent of our little Zoe, my reading hours have been influenced by some of the great children's "theologians" of our day: Dr. Seuss, Max and Ruby and of course, Goodnight Moon, a must-have in a child's library. In my limited poetic skills, I have tried to recreate the Advent story of the Scriptures in the style of Goodnight Moon. A blessed beginning of Advent to you all.
Book I
In a great green garden
There was a sacred tree
And the fruit forbidden
And a vision of –
The paradise of God on earth
And the moon jumping into the sky
And garden lush
And chirping thrush
And all the plants
And all the ants
And noble creatures
With fantastic features
And clay became man
And rib became woman
And all was well
Before man fell
But there was a crafty old serpent whispering “hush”
Goodnight truth
Goodnight mirth
Goodnight paradise on earth
Goodnight flora
And goodnight fauna
Goodnight noble creatures
And goodnight perfect features
Goodnight Adam,
To dust you return
And goodnight Eve
Labor pains to spurn
Goodnight garden lush
And goodnight chirping thrush
Goodnight because the serpent whispered “hush”
Goodnight Sabbath rest
Goodnight sinless air
Goodnight good everywhere

Book II
In David’s smallest town
There was an inn with no room
And a grotto of wood and stone
And a vision of –
An angelic host in radiant song
And there were shepherds watching their flock
And two little sighs
And a pair of eyes
And a bed of straw
And a donkey, “hee-haw”
And a manger and a cloth and a newborn’s blush
And a pondering young Virgin who was whispering “hush”
Goodnight David’s town
Goodnight shepherds
And goodnight flocks
Goodnight Joseph
And goodnight rocks
Goodnight innkeeper
And goodnight infant sleeper
Goodnight straw
And goodnight “hee-haw”
Goodnight manger
And goodnight stranger
Goodnight shush
And goodnight to the young Virgin whispering “hush”
Goodnight Promised One
And goodnight Son
And goodnight fear…your Savior is here.
Goodnight grave and cursed ground
Goodnight, the Christ Child has been found
Goodnight stars
Goodnight air
Goodnight Advent everywhere

Book III
Near a great green garden
There was a cursed tree
And a stone cocoon
And a vision of -
An angel guarding the tomb
And there were three tearful women with spice for the linens
And three pairs of eyes
And Peter’s surprise
And on the 3rd day
As Jesus did say
An angel’s word
And Good News was heard
And death’s release
And Sabbath peace
For behold, My scars: Look and touch
And there was Jesus, whispering “hush”
Goodnight sorrow
Goodnight tomb
Goodnight everlasting doom
Goodnight Satan’s lies
And goodnight tearful eyes
Goodnight Adam’s curse
Goodnight guilty blush
And goodnight to the serpent, his whispers now “hushed”
Goodnight sin
Goodnight doubt
Goodnight death, forever cast out
Goodnight cursed tree
Goodnight, you are free
Good morning resurrection
And good morning mirth
Good morning new dawn, new heaven, new earth
Good morning to all
Good morning so fare
Good morning Advent everywhere




  1. This is just beautiful!
    I think I will print it out and have my children illustrate it this advent!

    Blessed advent to you!

  2. Also, I'll be sharing this link with my readers later this month! Thanks again!

  3. Thank you so much for reading and to hear it will be shared. That's part of the joy of writing, passing it along to others to enjoy as well.

    And I'd love to see the illustrations! I'm thinking about finding an illustrator and maybe a publisher as well, if there was enough interest for it from some place.

    Blessed Advent

  4. My children are illustrating it- I can pass them along if you like when they are done, but they are ... young artists :)

    I encourage you to seek publication for this, or if you can find an illustrator, to do it yourself.
    (I use and recommend Createspace!)

    These words are beautiful, and I hope you keep on sharing them!

    1. Emily, Once again, thank you for your encouraging words. I still look forward to seeing your childrens' drawings. They are often the most delightful. I intend to find some way to publish this and am working through a few avenues before heading down the self publishing route. At any rate, your sharing helps greatly in making that come to fruition. And thanks for that.

  5. I shared this today, here

    Happy advent!

  6. Oh, This is just wonderful! Thank you, thank you! I will pass this on to my son Ken Bomberger, pastor of Mt Olive Grand Rapids, and my own pastor Sam Wiseman, at Faith La Grande,Or.

    1. Mr.s Bomberger, Greetings. Thank you for reading and taking the time to post here. Your words of enjoyment and thoughtful thanks are appreciated. That's why I love writing; I love to share it with others.

      I know Ken Bomberger well. He and I were at seminary together in the same class no less! Small Lutheran world it is. And in addition to that, I am from Oregon as well, hailing from Portland where my parents still reside. Blessings to you and all the saints at Faith this Advent and Christmas season

  7. I'd love to know if you ever got this published!

  8. I've tried a couple of places, but I have not had any success yet. Any leads or suggestions? I'd still like to pursue that if I could find a willing publisher.

    1. I wish! But, you are talking to someone who has now self-published two books through Createspace! A great experience, by the way, but not a way to reach millions/make millions! :)

  9. Replies
    1. please let me know if you do! Of course you'd have to find your own illustrator.

      But on the plus side, you can sell them on amazon.

      Here is my page