Monday, December 10, 2012

John the Baptizer: Grinch Style

Every now and then I get an idea for a sermon that would lead down all sorts of rabbit trails and perhaps lose people into a wonderland of confusion. Since I couldn't quite complete the entire poem in time for Sunday (and still haven't as you can tell), I left this out of the sermon on Luke 3 for this past Sunday. At any rate, here's a bit of a start on something that may or not ever be finished or polished off. But if you have any verses to contribute that move the story along, feel free and post them, otherwise this might end up an unfinished tale.

In the end though, I hope that the "singer" of this song will come to the realization that John is not nearly the mean guy he thought he was and that in fact John means to do a great deal of good; it just so happens that our Old Man has a different meaning of good and John has a different definition of Christmas.

You’re a mean one, John the Baptizer
You really are a fright
You’re a locust eating vagrant, the Christmas Kryptonite, John the Baptizer
You smell like a camel’s rear and your leather britches are too tight.

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