Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lutheran Youth in Their Own Words

Here are a few of the highlights from the youth at Redeemer Lutheran regarding their trip this July to Tacoma, WA for the Higher Things conference, From Above. All too often adults like to put words in the mouths of our youth, especially in the church. I paid them no money. Bribed them with no food.  I simply asked them to tell me what they enjoyed about this year's conference. It was that easy. So, here are a few Lutheran youth in their own words, telling us what made an impression on them at this year's Higher Things conference. Once again, I'm convinced they are teaching us how to dare to be Lutheran as much as we are teaching them.

  1. Meeting new people.
  2. Nice campus.
  3. The sermons.
  4. The breakaway sessions.
  5. Hanging out with everyone from the youth group.
  6. Going to the Space Needle.
  7. Going to Basking Robbins.
  8. Hanging out with downtown Dan!
  9. The food.
  1. The breakout session on homosexuality.
  2. Seattle Space Needle.
  3. Getting ice cream.
  4. The cafeteria food.
  5. Pastor Ledic’s breakout session.
  6. Late night McDonald’s trip.
  7. Pastor Sam’s sermon.
  8. Starbucks trip.
  9. Writing with chalk.
  10. Being with friends from church.
  1. Hearing “That there is no sin that isn’t forgiven.”
  2. King David lived an interesting Lego life (breakout session).
  3. Food and campus were good.
  4. The plane ride was fun.
  5. The worship services were quick and meaningful.
  6. Learned that “There were plenty of movies that have Christ-figures.”
  7. There was a lot of free time for activities.
  8. The rental car was nice and roomy.
  9. The trip downtown Seattle was really fun.
  10. All of the pastors were good, funny, and were interesting to listen to.

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